Specifically designed for organizations committed to developing community leadership and making change.

The MHO Assessment Tool can help your group/organization:

  • Assess your level of development across 11 areas of organizational life through a survey tool everyone in the organization can use to reflect and analyze.
  • Tabulate the results and provide an analysis of your organization’s areas of strength and where growth could be focused.
  • Kick start honest discussions and provide ideas for your next steps.

My Healthy Organization is available in two versions:

Social Change for organizations who do advocacy and have members

Social Services for organizations seeking to more fully engage their communities

MHO is also available in Spanish.

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Eleven areas of organizational development including:

  • Program Strategies
  • Priorities and Planning
  • Communications and Fundraising Capacity
  • Leadership and Management Practices
  • Organizational Culture and Relationships
  • Racial Equity