About My Healthy Organization

My Healthy Organization emerged from a collaboration of independent consultants and was adopted by RoadMap to be made widely available.

The core team that created this tool had a common desire to provide a better way to assist our clients with tools and processes that incorporated social change and movement-building values and aspirations.

We particularly wanted a tool that:

  1. Integrated social justice and movement-building values into organizational effectiveness benchmarks
  2. Promoted learning opportunities for the organizations (and thus increased organizational development capacity “on the ground”) through providing detailed process and next steps guidelines.

We sincerely hope this tool is a good beginning in this direction.

This organizational assessment tool has been developed by Emily Goldfarb, Helen Kim, and Michael Wong, San Francisco Bay Area-based organizational development consultants who have worked with a wide range of nonprofit social change and social service organizations.


Emily Goldfarb has worked as a consultant since 1997 for more than 70 nonprofit organizations and foundations. She is the director of RoadMap, a national independent capacity-building network serving social change organizations and their funders, and she has her own consulting practice.  Working primarily with community-based organizations that engage in base building, community organizing, and policy advocacy, Emily specializes in organizational start-up and development, facilitation, individual coaching, strategic planning, linking services to social change strategies, and design and implementation capacity-building programs.  Emily formerly served as the lead consultant for the Management Assistance Program of the French American Charitable Trust, whose capacity-building program supporting FACT’s organizing and advocacy grantees was the model for RoadMap. Emily is bilingual in English/Spanish.

Helen S. Kim is an organizational development consultant, facilitator, leadership trainer, and coach with over 20 years of experience working with social change organizations in the U.S. and internationally. She is co-author of Working Across Generations: Defining the Future of Nonprofit Leadership (Jossey-Bass), trainer with Rockwood Leadership Institute, and member of the Building Movement Project. Helen is a core consultant of RoadMap and plan consultant of the Flexible Leadership Investment Program. She serves local and national groups working for racial, economic, and environmental justice and focuses on transforming organizational culture and practices, developing shared vision and strategies, and building effective partnerships. Her clients have included Asian Pacific Environmental Network, National Domestic Workers Alliance, National Partnership for New Americans, and Open Society Foundations. Helen is fluent in Korean and aspires to live and work with generosity of spirit and passion for justice.

Michael Wong is an organizational development consultant focusing on strategic planning, facilitation and process work, management development, and board development. With over 20 years of experience, Mike has worked in the areas of civil rights, violence prevention, community health and prevention, children and families, and social justice. Mike is a Certified Master Facilitator through the International Institute for Facilitation. He has a wide range of facilitation experience, including facilitation of small groups and single organizations, coalitions and networks.

RoadMap now administers My Healthy Organization and has developed a companion assessment Our Healthy Alliance.